Women’s Prairie Dress Costume


Get a taste of the prairie life in our Women’s Prairie Dress Costume. Stay stylish and classic looking after the farm and traveling the vast midwestern frontier!

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Far AfieldHave you ever looked out on a wide horizon and wished you could know what it would have been like to be a pioneer woman? If your average pioneer women got a glimpse in our houses these days, she would be blown over by the luxury we live within our day-to-day. There are no lamps to trim, we don’t have to score our clothes by hand, when we want to go above and beyond to bake some bread, all we have to do is turn on the stove. She would even be delighted by our solid walls and rooves, as many pioneer women wound up living in sod houses, literal bricks of dirt are great at keeping the warmth in and the wind out but they still had to deal with dirt and bugs falling all over the house… gross. Maybe it’s time we invited our inner pioneer woman to take a break in our modern lives for a bit. Design & DetailsThis one-piece dress was designed by our in-house creative team for a lovely, easy way to slip into a historic look. The zip-up dress has a long calico blue skirt and a band around the waist. The blouse has a high neck with a small peter pan collar and full sleeves that are cuffed at the wrist. A cameo accents the neck for that little bit of detail that you can expect from a Made by Us costume!Happy Trails!Here’s the thing, a typical pioneer woman might find our modern lives convenient but that doesn’t mean we can’t find her lifestyle beautiful. Standing in the endless prairie grasslands in skirts and a bonnet will always be a gorgeous image. Top this costume off with a bonnet and a petticoat and you’ll be ready to start your very own wagon train!

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