Women’s Plus Size Wild Elephant Costume


Our Women’s Plus Size Wild Elephant Costume, is cute and comfy. Complete with tail, elephant head hood, and a stylish flare on the pants and sleeves, you will be the cutest elephant around!

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Dethrone the CatThe majestic and regal lion. Uncontested king of the animal kingdom, right? Sure, it’s pretty much been that way forever, but we’re still trying to figure out why. Sure, that mighty mane is pretty impressive. But, really, the guy just lays around the sub-Sahara and waits for the ladies to bring home the dinner. Hardly the proud and noble ruler deserving of the crown. They hardly even visit other terrains! But, can you hear that? The trumpets? The roar of the crowd?Yes. It is time to unseat the king and give command of the animals to the true masters of the wild. We’re talking about the proud and glorious elephant. Now, this is a noble creature. She’s stronger than a rhino. She’s more graceful in the water than anyone has a right to be. And, top running speed? 25 miles an hour is nothing to joke about. In fact, the only thing the lion has going for him in this contest is that he can run away faster… and he’s going to need to! All hail the new Queen of the Animal Kingdom! Design & DetailsTo make sure you’re gussied up for your coronation, our Made by Us design team has put together this exclusive Wild Elephant costume for women! This hooded jumpsuit is made of comfy and soft fabric. It is a light gray with flared sleeves and pant legs that are designed to fall to the floor. Appliques on the sleeves give you the cute toes of the proud elephant and a bow tied to the tail at the rear gives you just a hint of color! The hood features plush elephant’s ears and trunk. All you need to do is zip up the suit and prepare to stomp out any remaining competition. Trumpet for the QueenUsually, when the crowned ruler of a kingdom walks down the red carpet, a host of trumpets are sounded for her. The benefit of a bunch of elephants commanding the countryside is they come equipped with a trumpeting trunk already!

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