Women’s Plus Size Sexy Purple Witch


Enchant everyone on the streets with this Women’s Plus Size Sexy Purple Witch Costume. This costume is sure to make you the most popular sorceress on Halloween this year.

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New Look, Same SpellsYou, a witch? Stop. You are not. Yes, we do see the pointed hat and the broomstick and the black cat, but you’ve still got to be kidding. Witches are old! They’re stooped and gnarled. They have gray hair and green skin. Sometimes they’re missing teeth. Plus, there’s that wart that’s always on the end of their noses. You don’t have any of those things. If we’re being totally honest here, you’re a total knockout. Plus, that black dress you’re wearing is WAY more fabulous than anything we’ve seen around the neighborhood cauldrons. So nope. Don’t try to convince us that you’re a witch…oh, we see you’ve turned us into frogs. Hmm. Maybe we should reevaluate our stereotypes – right after we catch this fly. Product Details Turn heads at this year’s coven gathering when you wear your Women’s Plus Size Sexy Purple Witch Costume! The sleeveless black dress has a waist-enhancing black belt with a sparkly purple buckle. The satiny purple skirt ends at midthigh and is accented by layers of spiderweb-detailed black netting. A purple ribbon laces up the bodice’s flattering neckline. Add the purple ribbon choker and the spider-tipped witch hat, and you’re ready for a ghouls’ night out! A Hauntingly Gorgeous GownWitches have incredible powers, so why would they need to spend their time casting spells in plain black robes? It’s so much nicer to utter some magic words and instantly have a party-ready look. We know you’re busy being a good witch, so we took the liberty of casting this spell for you. All that’s left to do is have fun! 

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