Women’s Plus Size Miss Enchantment Costume


You won’t need to cast a spell of enchantment when you step out in the Women’s Plus Size Miss Enchantment Adult Costume! Be mesmerizing in the Women’s Plus Size Miss Enchantment Adult Costume.

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Break Out of Black!Have you ever wanted to dress up like a witch but gotten depressed by the color choices? We understand that black is a great color to wear if you don’t want to be seen while riding your broom around in the dark, but what about during the day? We think witches should have a few more outfit options when it comes to color. Sure, black might represent dark magic, but there are many other colors that could indicate your witchy tendencies. For example, bright green always makes us think of evil poison bubbling in a cauldron. That seems like it would be a great color to wear, especially for witches who specialize in potions! So, if you’re looking for an occult costume that’s a little less monochrome, we have something you might like.Product DetailsAdd a twist of color to your witchy wardrobe with this Plus Size Miss Enchantment Adult Costume! The outfit still incorporates the classic black element, but the dress features an overlay that lets the green layer underneath show through for a pop of exciting color. The attached sleeves are made of the same fabric and have elastic finger loops to help them stay in place. The flowy cape is attached to the sleeves and helps to give you some extra dramatic flair. The black belt has a decorative buckle and secures with a hook and loop fastener in the back. And of course, it’s much easier to be a witch when you have the classic hat. This one comes with a wire rim to help it hold its shape. You’ll be ready to work some magic when you put on this bold costume!Eye-Catching EnchantressAs you know, it’s much easier to put someone under a spell when you have their complete attention. This Plus Size Miss Enchantment Adult Costume will definitely help you work your magic on all your unsuspecting victims. You’ll be able to charm or curse anyone you want when you’re wearing this bewitching costume!

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