Women’s Plus Size Harley Quinn Gold Overalls Costume


Become the head of the Bird’s of Prey with the Women’s Plus Size Harley Quinn Gold Overalls Costume. This costume comes with Harley’s bright gold overalls. Now you just need a weapon and the rest of your crew!

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New Adventure, New OutfitHarley Quinn has rocked quite a few different outfits. During her tenure as the baddest girl in the DC universe, she’s donned a classic red and black harlequin jumpsuit during her debut. She wore a scary leather number during her time in the Batman video games. She’s worn a playful baseball-style outfit during her Suicide Squad escapade. Now, she’s heading out on her own to form a team of girls capable of taking out Gotham City’s most dangerous villains… and you can bet that she picked out something that’s absolutely fabulous!Her Birds of Prey outfit includes a shimmering pair of gold overalls. Now, you can rock the same outfit as you gather together an elite crew of extraordinary Gotham City ladies! This exclusive Harley Quinn Overalls Costume is inspired by her look from the movie, so you can look your best while you wreak havoc.Design & DetailsThis women’s costume is an officially licensed plus size outfit. It starts with a sleeveless crop top that’s made out of a pink velour material that stretches to fit. The overalls have a shiny metallic finish with a subtle diamond pattern that harkens back to her classic outfit. The shoulder straps are length adjustable and have metal slides. The front zipper makes it easy to slip into, so you can change into Harley in a snap. It combines for a show-stopping look that, sure to stop Batman in his tracks.Bring Out Your Inner HarleyIf you’re ready to embrace your inner Harley Quinn, then you’re going to need a new outfit! When you wear this officially licensed Harley Quinn costume, you’ll be ready for anything that Gotham City throws at you. Of course, you might want to bring one of our toy Harley Quinn weapons along with you for the ride!

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