Womens Plus Size Gangster Gal Costume


No one will cross you when you wear this exclusive women’s plus size gangster costume! This vest ans shorts combo is a sexy look for any gangster lady.

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Own the JointWalk into the place like you own the joint! Go ahead and open the door like a boss… like a mob boss, of course!We think that you might just have what it takes to be the leader of the gang in your group. After all, you’ve got the master plan, the moves, and attitude for it, so all you really need is an outfit to match. That’s where we come in. We’ve got a gangster look that will help you own any room you walk into and it’ll definitely help you take on the role as acting mob boss in your crew.Design & DetailsOur expert costume designers wanted to get that 1920’s boss look just right! They watched a ton of old gangster movies and this Women’s Plus Size Gangster Gal Costume is what they came up with. It starts with a simple, black, button-up shirt with a pinstripe pattern and metallic gold buttons. It even has a chain attached to the front for added authentic gangster swag style. The matching shorts feature the same pinstripe pattern and it even has an elastic waistband to help provide a comfortable fit. The scarf, which is a deep, crimson red, adds the finishing touch to the outfit. Just tie it around your neck to add a splash of commanding color to your style! We recommend adding one of our gangster hats to your order to really take on the role of mob boss!It Feels Good to Be a Gangster!This Made by Us is your ticket to a look that will have you ready to lead the gang. You can wear it while you plan the next big heist or you can swing by the speakeasy with the rest of the gang. With this outfit, you’ll be looking like a boss either way.

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