Women’s Plus Size Emerald Flapper Costume


Turn back time, and head back to the roarin’ 20s with this Women’s Plus Size Emerald Flapper Costume. This exclusive costume is made only by us, and will be a hit on Halloween.

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Shimmy and ShineHave you ever wondered why people don’t seem to dance much anymore? Sure, we could blame modern music. We could blame bars and restaurants that never seem to make a place for people to move to the music. Or we could blame the fact that we’re all too busy and distracted to learn the same dances well enough to play them out when we’re out in public. But honestly, we’re pretty sure that people aren’t swaying and sashaying because we don’t wear the right clothing. Grooving in high-waisted pants and t-shirts just doesn’t feel right. If you want to shimmy and shake, you’ve got to wear something that shines and sways with you! That’s where this lovely flapper costume comes in! You don’t need to know any special dance moves or wait for some big band music to come on. Just move that fringe and let the sparkle do the talking!Design & DetailsWhen it comes to designing flapper dresses, our in-house creative team knows what’s up. They design our 1920s dresses with a flattering fit that slips over the body with the perfect amount of stretch and space, allowing you to move confidently without getting swallowed in too much material. This dress zips up the back, so you can slip into it even after your hair has the perfect finger curls. The emerald sequins and fringe trim will make you feel right at home in the speakeasy or jazz club. Topped off with a stretchy ssequin-covered headband, you won’t be able to resist a little shimmy once this ensemble is all together!A Century of SparklingIt’s not every decade that folks strike on a fashion that stays fabulous for a hundred years. But here we are, still wanting to slip into the clothes of our great-great grandmas! Once you purchase this timeless look maybe you’ll finally understand a little more about the jazz age. We wouldn’t be surprised if the secret behind dancing the Charleston was all about sequins and fringe!  

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