Women’s Plus Size Black Widow Costume


You’re going to own the night in this exclusive Women’s Plus Size Black Widow Costume! Available in sizes 1X and 2X.

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THE TANGLED WEB WE WEAVE Creepy. Crawly. Icky. Gahhhh! Those are some examples of words/sounds people say upon seeing you, but you’re used to it. Brushing the haters off with one of your eight long legs, choosing to ignore the excessive screams and shrieks, your Black Widow status makes you instantly intimidating. In addition to your aggressive appearance, men fear you’ll mentally, emotionally and financially feed off them since it’s what the title of ‘Black Widow’ entails. How slanderous! If anyone actually took the adequate time to get to know you, they’d discover you’re just as amicable as the most famous arachnid, Charlotte. But noooooooo, everyone takes one look at your spinnerets and shrill howls permanent your ears. Wait a minute, you have ears, right? There’s so much mystery surrounding your species! This Halloween, wear the women’s plus size Black Widow costume and set the spider-facts straight. There’s much more to spiders than eight legs and a mighty abdomen and it’s time to let the world know. DESIGN & DETAILS Our team of designers studied spiders for months in order to make the women’s plus size Black Widow costume as accurate as possible. The Made by Us bodysuit uses a full zipper down the front to fasten. Soft legs are attached to the sides of the bodysuit and are connected by clear cord. A padded collar and red sequins in the chest complete the bodysuit while the bustle skirt with a padded abdomen has an open front with a tie closure. CREEPY CRAWLY CUTIES Are you and your gal-pals totally buggin’ this Halloween? Turn the whole squad into a group of scandalous insects with our wide selection of Made by Us bug costumes. You’ll love the cozy Monarch costume and the honey bee bodysuit. Swarm the Halloween party is any of these stylish designs.        

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