Women’s Plus American Beauty Superhero Costume


Suit up and save America this year with this Women’s Plus American Beauty Superhero Costume. This costume is the perfect look this year for Halloween.

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Patriotic PerfectionNo one could have predicted your origin story, least of all you. Sure, you were an upstanding citizen of a great country, but you felt that you were a pretty average individual overall. All you wanted to do was earn that big promotion at work and make the cute boy next door finally notice you. But everything changed when you were hit with a radioactive firework the last Forth of July. Not only were you still alive after the sparkles faded, but you had…changed. Suddenly, you could fly like a firework, shoot red, white and blue rockets out of your fingers, and wear a polyester super suit better than anyone else on the planet.  Product Details When you wear this Plus Size Women’s American Beauty Superhero Costume, you’ll save the day every time! The flattering jumpsuit has star motifs on the bust, red and white stripes on the torso, and blue legs. The metallic finish shines whether you’re punching out bad guys or standing in line at the party’s punch bowl. The matching blue headband keeps your fabulously styled locks out of your eyes while you’re flying through the sky. Pair it with your favorite power boots and you’ll have everyone saluting! A Mission Like No OtherOf course someone as noble as you would want to put your new talents to good use! Now you fight crime as a human firework while hiding your true identity around your coworkers. Turns out the boy next door is really into a confident boss like yourself – just remember to hide your super suit when he comes over for coffee! 

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