Women’s Mrs. Sensational Costume


Dress to impress, like the beauty that you are, with this fabulous Women’s Mrs. Sensational Costume. A beautiful black dress, complete with bows, shine and elegance, for whatever your costume occasion!

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Stand-Up Start-UpYou’re planning on jumping into the world of stand-up comedy, are you? That stage can be unforgiving. It will eat you alive if you’re not prepared! This isn’t like telling jokes at Uncle Louie’s birthday party or making a few zingers with your close friends in your apartment. You’re going to need a fresh batch of brand new material that’s going to knock ’em dead. We’re talking some hot takes on takes on dating, maybe a few embarrassing stories about your parents, and maybe even a few one-liners that the crowd has never heard before. We also recommend owning the stage and really moving around up there. Don’t feel like you need to just stand in the center! Oh, and you’d better be dressed for success when you set foot on the stage.Of course, that’s where we can help! We’re the costume specialists and we think we have the perfect costume for your stand-up debut. This Mrs. Sensational Costume for women is an outfit that exudes class, so you can focus on giving an outstanding performance!Product DetailsThis adult costume for women comes with a simple, elegant, black satin cocktail dress. It features bows on the shoulder straps, which are sure to wow them when you take the stage. It has another bow accent at the waist. It pairs perfectly with some of our costume jewelry options (sold separately), so have fun and accessorize this look!Hecklers Not InvitedWe might not be able to help you hone your craft, but we think a great outfit that will help you feel confident can help you take to the stage! And it will certainly make any heckler think twice before trying to interrupt your show when you’re looking this good!

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