Women’s Mouse Jumpsuit Costume


This Women’s Mouse Jumpsuit Costume includes a gray bodysuit with a tail attached to the back and an adorable headband with mouse ears.

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Tiny Mouse LivingDid you know that humans didn’t invent tiny house living? That concept was inspired by how mice live. The tiny apartments that mice keep, tucked away in walls, are cozier than humans could ever hope for. Six inches squared or less, these homes are furnished with matchbox beds, pizza box supports for tables, and thumbtacks poked all the way into the ground for stools. Some homes even have postage stamps stuck to the walls for decor. Mice living is delightful, so it’s no wonder that humans want to live small as well! Before you start making tiny house plans, make tiny mouse plans. Get into the mousey state of mind with this adorable yet fabulous mouse costume!Design & DetailsThis sweet and soft Made By Us mouse costume features a sleek mouse jumpsuit. It has a long tail on the back and a light gray patch on the tummy to really get your cozy character across. The suit zips up the back. Topped off with mouse ears, you’ll feel cute and sleek all at once!In It for the CheeseOk, we get that everyone who likes the mouse lifestyle doesn’t want to live in a tiny hole in the wall. Some people are in it for the cheese. If you’re heading out, be sure to have fun with your new mousey nature. Hunkering down in the corner and nibbling on snacks for most of the night is totally acceptable! Want to head out with a couple of friends? Pair up with two other buds, throw on some sunnies, and go as the three blind mice. Or put on a chef’s hat to become everyone’s favorite rodent chef… wait did we just come up with another excuse to snack in this look? Looks like we’re in it for the cheese as well!

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