Women’s Miss Reaper Costume


Get ready to look grim yet stylish when you get this Women’s Miss Reaper Costume. This Women’s Miss Reaper Costume is a must have costume choice if you are wanting to dress up as the grim reaper.

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Ghostly GuideThe Reaper gets a bad rap but if you think about it, death probably doesn’t have much say about who goes where. Actually, we bet that interacting with The Reaper is a little bit like traveling with a tour guide. Explaining the policies, processes, and history of crossing the River Styx and beyond. And while Reapers might look pretty spooky, it would be nice to have someone to rely on. After all, most people only pass into the beyond once! Would you want to take on the spooky role of a helpful yet horrifying spirit? This eerie costume is the perfect way to begin your start-up!Costume DetailsA fashionable take on a classic costume, this Miss Reaper costume will make you feel fashionable and fearsome all at once! The costume includes a black dress with a jagged asymmetric hemline as well as a gauzy capelet with an oversized hood, perfect for hiding your face from mere mortals! Long fingerless gloves and black tights printed with a white skeleton add ghostly touches while a lightweight chain cinches in the waist. Complete this look with one of our prop scythes and you’ll be ready to start shepherding souls to their next destination. Ever AfterWhile traveling to the River Styx might go beyond your travel budget, this is still an adventurous costume. After all, everyone is sure to recognize you at first glance. The Reaper is a celebrity that no one can forget… or escape, for that matter! Be sure to52 have fun customizing this costume. From adding on an eerie white or gray wig to painting your face with skull makeup, there are all sorts of fun ways to make this classic look your own. No matter how you wear this you’re sure to have fun. As the spirits say, there’s no party like an afterlife party!

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