Women’s Miss Enchantment Adult Costume


Enchant the streets this year with this Women’s Miss Enchantment Adult Costume. This Halloween witch costume is sure to be a hit this year on Halloween.

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Wickedly LovelyYou probably thought that all witches were the same, didn’t you? They’re usually pictured as gnarled old crones, stooped over a steaming cauldron of thick green liquid chanting incantations and adding eye of newt, or hobbling through a toadstool-infested woodland followed by her black cat familiar. Well, drop all your expectations, because a certain lovely enchantress is about to blow them out of the water. This witchy woman looks more at home on a catwalk or a rooftop party than in a creaky hauned house. Sure, she’s got the powers, but she prefers to use them in more glamorous ways. And as for casting spells, her most powerful trick is the ability to bewitch everyone who sees her. Product Details Delight and enchant this Halloween in your Miss Enchantment Women’s Costume! The sleeveless, 100 percent polyester dress has a mock turtleneck collar and jagged hemline that ends mid-thigh. Matching fingerless gloves attach to the dress via a gauzy black cape. A wide black belt is a trendy touch that’s perfectly balanced by the classic black witch’s hat. If there was a prize for Best Dressed at this year’s witch’s coven, you’d win it without even getting off your broom. Cast Your SpellIf you’ve been dying to dress as a witch but want something a little more unique than the usual black dress and warts, this is the costume for you! You’ll have to decide how mischievous you want to be, because convincing others that you’re a bad witch might take some effort. 

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