Women’s Midnight Kitty Costume


Feel purfect and get your claws ready in the Women’s Midnight Kitty Costume. Being this fabulous typically takes work but not for you!

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Act Cat-sualIf you ask us, living the life of a cat would be pretty great. They get to nap all day, and most of the night. When they are awake, they get into all sorts of odd shenanigans. So long as they come ask for cuddles afterward, they don’t have to face much anger, even if they did knock a full glass of water on the ground or sprint through the house while howling. Pretty much, unless they have some sort of professional career, cats have it easy. Goodness, even with a career they only have to look good to keep the gig and earn that money for their favorite cat treats.Now, despite having a few wizards on staff, we can’t turn you into a cat. There are a few legal contracts and liability concerns that bar us from doing so (ever again). But we can help you enjoy a night or two of pretending to be a cat!Design & DetailsSee what the cat is truly meowing about with this Women’s Midnight Kitty Costume! This Made by Us exclusive is just as sleek and charming as a high-paid cat professional would require of their own coat but being made with super-soft velour fabric makes it comfortable for any occasion. An attached tail and hood with little kitty ears give the zippered dress its feline style while paw-shaped gloves make sure your transformation looks purr-fect! Pair the thigh-length costume with leggings for extra warmth or lounge about in the cuteness as is. Either way you’ll have what you need to experience a bit of what it’s like to live as your favorite animal!Purr-fect PieceWhether you’re dressing as a cat for Halloween or just looking for something cute to cuddle in at home, this Women’s Midnight Kitty Costume is a perfect addition to your wardrobe. Snuggle up for a night in or style this sassy cat look for your night out enjoying all sorts of cat-tastic shenanigans!

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