Womens Mermaid Seashell Bra


Be an enchanting mermaid this Halloween season with the Mermaid Seashell Bra. Lounge on the beach with the Mermaid Seashell Bra. Show off in the Women’s Mermaid Bra.

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Fishy and FabulousThink that mermaids don’t do fashion? Think again! Sometimes, though, it can be hard to find time to shop the sea malls when you also have to comb your long locks under a moonlit sky and lure lovesick sailors to their doom. That’s where we can help you! We scavenged the sea floor, diving in and out of sunken caves, coral reefs, and barnacle-encrusted shipwrecks to find the most beautiful shells and sea treasures to make you the most beautiful bra the ocean has ever seen. Product Details This exclusive Mermaid Seashell Bra is fit for a gorgeous aquatic princess! A lovely aquamarine frame is adorned with pink and yellow seashells and orange starfish. The comfortable bra clasps securely in the back so that even the roughest seas won’t shake your confidence in your swishy sense of style! Seashell Siren You could plumb the depths of the Marina Trench and still not find a more beautiful bra than. It’s perfect for any occasion, from swirling through an undersea ball to falling in love with a handsome human. You’ll want to show this one off!  

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