Women’s Long White Wig


Transform yourself into your favorite video game heroes when you get this Women’s Long White Wig! Or maybe an angel from above or an enchanting witch. The ideas are endless with this beautiful wig!

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Lovely LocksHair is such a defining feature that the first thing we say when we think a friend looks a little bit different is “Did you get your hair cut?” Coloring or styling your tresses differently feels daring and bold, like changing your script. That’s why costume wigs are so much fun! Product DetailsReinvent yourself into a fantastical new character when you wear this Long White Wig for Women! Synthetic silvery-white hair is parted down the middle and cascades to approximately waist or hip length. It’s attached to a comfortable mesh cap and can be gently styled using non-heated tools. So Many StoriesWho will you become when you put on this wig? Today you might decide to transform into a magical sorceress, tomorrow might be more of a celestial angel or an action heroine kind of day. Choose whatever role you want and have fun (but remember that the wig, unlike real hair, has a hard time standing up to actual tomb raiding and spellcasting and stuff).

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