Women’s Jazzercise-Costume


Practice your routine, get fit and toned, and enjoy your workout while sporting this Women’s Jazzercise Costume. You’ll be feeling confident and comfortable in this outfit.

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From the Studio to the StreetsThe first time Julie stepped into an aerobic studio, it was love at first sight. She grinned through leg lifts, grapevines, and mambos. She high-fived during water breaks and even sang along with some of the music even though her breath was a little tight at that point. The only time her Jazzercise grin failed her was when the class ended and everyone changed into their street clothes and went their separate ways.Julie felt she just had to deal with the downfall until one day, the answer hit her. She could take the happy atmosphere of the studio to the street. The next day, instead of putting on her power suit, she put on her biker shorts and leotard and hit the road!Design & DetailsThis Made By Us costume is bright with eighties details. The featured leotard has all the eighties pattern must-haves from geometric shapes to paint splatters. As the leotard has a dramatically high cut, you’ll be glad for the bright pink bike shorts layered underneath. This colorful costume also includes a headband and pair of wrist bands. Complete this look with leg warmers and chunky white sneakers and you’ll be ready to Jazzercise all over town!A Fabulous FadShe jogged in place while waiting for the bus and broke out two little hot pink weights that she lifted all the way to work. Before her pitch-meeting, she had everyone stretching to get a little blood flowing. And by the end of the day, not only was Julie smiling but a handful of coworkers had agreed to come to her next Jazzercise class. Is this story about the beauty of exercise or the beauty of neon-colored spandex at work? We don’t know! But we’re glad that more and more people are discovering the joy of Jazzercize. Now it’s time for you to slip into your very own Jazzercize costume and spread a little aerobic happiness too!

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