Women’s Incarcerated Cutie Costume


If looking good was a crime, you’d be sentenced to life with no parole in the Women’s Incarcerated Cutie Costume!

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STRIKING IN STRIPESDon’t bother asking why she’s locked up; she won’t tell you. She’s extremely coy but also very cute, as you can see. Just ignore the fact she’s been locked up for a while because she does all the time! In her mind, she escapes her confines every day. Her imagination is powerful enough to whisk her away to the west coast so she can stay up-to-date on all new beauty regimens. She may be sitting alone on her cot, but her mind sweeps her away to a fancy stylist’s chair. Now her tresses are being fastened into a beautiful up-do or she’s getting a perm, sporting perfectly coiled ringlets. Sometimes she’s getting her makeup done by an esteemed makeup artist to the stars and other times she’s shopping for extravagant heels and purses with socialites.The point is, with an imagination, you can go anywhere or be anything you want. This inmate morphs into a pampered princess daily to escape her prison reality. With your imagination and this costume, anything is possible. Decide if you want to be a cute and coquettish inmate or a loud-mouthed rascal driven to start the riot of a lifetime. The choice is yours.                          DESIGN & DETAILSNobody on our design team has ever been an inmate (at least that we know of) but they’re experts when it comes to black and white stripes, as you can see. The high-quality Made By Us item comes with a striped long sleeve shirt featuring an inmate number and real, functioning buttons. The matching leggings have an elastic waistband so you’ll be extremely comfortable no matter what shenanigans you get into. Finally, the matching pillbox hat completes the ensemble.INCARCERATED BUT STILL A CUTIEYou may be locked up but that doesn’t mean you don’t value key accessories. Pick up a pair of handcuffs and a ball and chain accessory to get the exact look pictured here.          

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