Womens Holographic Catsuit


This Womens Holographic Catsuit gives off a shiny glimmer that looks almost holographic so it’s aptly named. It almost changes with the light which is pretty cool.

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Dress It Up!”Capsule wardrobes” are all the rage right now. That means having a few really versatile pieces that you can mix and match however you like. No more hunting for just the right combo, right? Cool idea, but sometimes your basic blazers and graphic tees aren’t quite the vibe you want. There comes a day when you want your vibe to scream “Hot and Happening” rather than “Workplace Professional.” Solution: Make holographic hotness the new wardrobe staple! Enough of the black and beige neutral look, let’s be exciting with shimmery, moving colors. Product DetailsNo matter what look you’re going for, this Holographic Catsuit for Women ensures that you’ll look absolutely incredible. The one-piece catsuit has full-length legs and sleeves and is made of an incredible polyester material that has a shiny finish designed to change colors as the light naturally fluctuates. This means that you will be an unforgettable sight on the dance floor! The stretchy fabric hugs you in all the right areas and stays snug thanks to elastic bands that secure under your feet. A zipper runs from the top of the collar all the way down the center front so that you can customize your neckline length.Shimmer and Shine Wouldn’t it be amazing to be completely shimmery from head to toe (or neck to toe, anyway?) There are two ways to accomplish this bucket list goal. You could roll yourself in adhesive and glitter – which might get uncomfortable – or you could put on this soft and stunning catsuit. We know which option we’re picking!   

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