Women’s Hologram Platform Shoes


These Women’s Hologram Platform Shoes are really nice because not only are they shiny but they’re tall enough that you won’t keep tripping on the extra shoelace.

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Twinkle Toes Some days call for muted, understated colors, simple designs, and quiet style. But today is not that day! Today you want to go big or go home – make a splash and cause a scene! The quickest way to draw all eyes is to put on a funky pair of shoes and hit the dance floor. Product DetailsDazzle ’em with your fancy footwork when you wear these distinctive Hologram Platform Shoes for Women! The faux leather material has a flashy iridescent surface that changes color with your every move. The lace-up top contrasts edgily with the chunky platform soles. With five inches of thickness at the heels and three inches of thickness at the toes, the shoes give you commanding height without making you unsteady on your feet. Party Time Bring the party wherever you go! Any day turns into a major event when you’re wearing shoes as fun as these. 

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