Womens Heavenly Hottie Nun Costume


The convent won’t know what hit them when you show up with this Women’s Heavenly Hottie Nun Costume! You’ll catch everyone’s attention with this shiny jumpsuit at all the parties.

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We spend our entire lives looking into the heavens and wondering what is up there. Now, science has done a pretty good job of answering. “Stars,” they say is their basic answer to the question. But, the spiritual among us look up and know we call them the “heavens” for a reason. The hereafter is there, whether you look at it from a secular or a spiritual perspective. And, that is a long mystery that we’ve been dying to solve… unfortunately a little too literally. But, how are we supposed to get some insight into the hereafter before we actually make the trip?That’s where we have a few contacts who might be able to give us a better clue. And, where we can turn is, itself, a fun little mystery. If you want to talk about real mystery, you need to delve into the places that few have walked… to the sites that are cloistered, private… to seemingly decent places where no man has tread before! You guessed it: the nunnery! Few have seen what life is like behind the stone walls of the convent. There, we can ask those cloistered ladies of quiet disposition who spend their lives in silent aestheticism, reflecting on their spiritual lives.Or we can discover just how exciting a life they may lead. Old Testament God might have been a tad jealous, but there have been a few changes to the requirements at the convent. Just because they are married to God doesn’t mean they can’t enjoy a bit of spandex from time to time. See what the new religion is like with this heavenly hottie nun costume. This spandex and polyester bodysuit has a back zipper and a rubber-like sheen with a dangerous-looking version of the holy cross on the chest. A headband with attached veil fastens with Hook and Loop fastener. Accessorize with some knee high boots or a chain crucifix and be prepared to answer those age old questions and show us the way to heaven.

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