Womens Head Nurse Costume


You’ve got the cure to his fever so get ready to dish out his medicine. Our Womens Head Nurse Costume is a steamy way to play doctor, doctor!

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Want to be the number one nurse in the nation? Well, that is going to take a whole lot of schooling and not to mention all those the years of experience… or you could just grab this Women’s Head Nurse Costume! When you enter the ER wearing this saucy outfit even the doctors will be ready to follow your lead.Nothing is more attractive than a confident woman taking charge, and that is exactly what you’ll be with this amazing costume. You aren’t just a newbie nurse that gets stuck giving everyone sponge baths. No, you are the head nurse! You bark out the orders to the rest of the nurses and even to some of those know-it-all doctors. No one would dare question your diagnoses or prescriptions, not when you’re staring them down in this sassy costume. Now you just need to kick things up a notch this Halloween with a few accessories. We think that some knee-high white boots and a pair of fishnet stockings would go great with this outfit. Then you just need some medical equipment so you can take care of all the house calls this Halloween. Grab a stethoscope or an oversized syringe or both, and you’ll be ready to give everyone a checkup!If you’re ready to start your lustrous career in medicine at the top, then get your hands on this Women’s Head Nurse Costume. One thing’s for sure, you’ll be such a heartstopper in this outfit that your hospital will always be busy!

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