Women’s Harley Quinn Gold Overalls Costume


Smash some villains with your girls in this Women’s Harley Quinn Gold Overalls Costume. Modeled after one of Harley’s many iconic looks from Birds of Prey, this costume is sure to impress.

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A New AttitudeHarley Quinn always tries to remain positive. When she goes through a bad break up with her sociopathic boyfriend, she doesn’t just get sad and mope around. She decides to find a few new friends to join her on a rampage through Gotham City. She and her brand new team plan on taking down a few bad guys while getting some much-desired revenge, and they may just adopt a hyena pet along the way. Of course, for this brand new chapter in her life… she’s needs a new outfit to help her really get into the new groove. That’s where this gold overalls outfit comes into play. It’s a brilliant number that’s sure to catch any potential foe off guard!Do you want to lead your own team of rule-bending anti-heroes? Are you thinking about adopting a hyena from local shelter? Well then, it’s time to dress up in the outfit to match that daring new persona! This Harley Quinn Gold Overalls Costume is exactly what you need.Product DetailsThis officially licensed costume takes its inspiration from Harley Quinn and the Birds of Prey movie. It starts with a sleeveless, velour material crop top. It features elastic along the lower edge to help provide a snug, but comfortable fit. The overalls are made out of a shimmering gold material that has subtle diamond patterns on it as a nod to her classic red and black harlequin outfit. The overalls also have adjustable shoulder straps with brass-tone buckles. The zipper in the front lets you adjust the fit. Zipp it all the way up and you’re ready for some bad-guy, butt-kicking business. Zip it down a bit, and you get a slightly more casual look!Have Mercy!Get out your mallet and hyena chow, because when you dress up in this Harley Quinn costume, you’ll be ready to wreck a little havoc on Gotham City. You’ll have every superhero and villain at your mercy!

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