Women’s Handmaid’s Tale Wives of Gilead Costume


This Women’s Handmaid’s Tale Wives of Gilead Costume will make people think you came from the past! Made by us, our quality materials will keep you comfortable and stylish.

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#BlessedBetheFruitIf the wives of Gilead were allowed to use the internet or read and write, we bet they would make amazing influencers. They are so talented when it comes to the arts of gardening, needlepoint, and knitting…really any leisure activity that can’t be interpreted as work. If they were running a social media account, it would be full of lush flowers cut from their greenhouses, intricately embroidered samplers, and if they’re really the cream of the crop, posts of a handful of children! Of course, their account would downplay the Marthas working silently in the background to keep the house clean and everyone fed. And they certainly wouldn’t acknowledge the Handmaid’s that brought the children into their household. No, we’re pretty certain that keeping fellow women under their thumb wouldn’t be a people-pleaser outside of Gilead’s gates. Design & DetailsDesigned by our in-house creative team, this Wife of Gilead costume from Handmaid’s Tale will bring yet another element of the dystopian nightmare to life! The costume features a modest tea-length dress that zips up the back. The dress has three-quarter length sleeves and a bow at the high-neck. A blue cape is layered over the top, securing at the neck with a hook and eye closure and allowing your hands to move freely with the slits at the sides. Pair this costume with tall boots and a stern gaze to complete this unsettling yet iconic look!Feeling BlueThe colors of the uniforms of Gilead are important. The deep red of the Handmaid’s uniform represents the fertility of the fallen women. The Martha’s wear dull green as it’s a healing, helpful, utilitarian color. And while the wives wear teal in the show, Margaret Atwood first wrote about the wives wearing a clean, Virgin Mary blue, to represent the purity of their position. Feeling blue? Take on the creepy role of a Wife of Gilead this Halloween!

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