Women’s Guardian Angel Costume


Look heavenly and radiant wear you wear this Women’s Guardian Angel Costume. This Women’s Guardian Angel Costume will have you ready to take flight and protect whomever needs your guarding this Halloween.

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Angel EyesSome kids are always getting into trouble. You’ll turn your back for a few minutes and by the time you turn around, they’ll be teetering in a high, rocky place or reaching for something breakable. That’s the beauty of the guardian angel. It’s nice to think about a beautiful winged creature who’s there, ready to catch your kiddos if they go too far out on a limb while trying to pick an apple or distract them from getting too close to a body of water. Do you have a knack for being in the right place at the right time? Can you spot trouble before it even starts? This guardian angel costume will help you embrace your celestial side as soon as you slip into the soft, flowing robes. Costume DetailsThis guardian angel costume features a long, white dress in a mock-wrap style. The white fabric is soft crushed velvet that drapes over the soft gold base layer. Gold and white braid trims the top and the sheer, draped sleeves. A golden bow cinches in the waist and brings the gold and white ensemble together. Of course, you can’t become a guardian angel without those all-important wings! They attach to your back with subtle elastic straps that slip around your shoulders. Topped off with a feathered halo headband, this costume is ready to shine at all sorts of costumed events!Wings when you Need ‘EmIf there was ever a night that needs a little help from a guardian angel, it’s Halloween night! Those ghouls and goblins out trick-or-treating could use an extra guiding hand. This costume can be brought out on Halloween night and at your church’s Christmas pageant. No matter where you’re flying to, your halo and golden glow are sure to be welcome! 

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