Women’s Glitter Ghost Poncho Costume


You won’t be Boo’ed while wearing this Women’s Glitter Ghost Poncho Costume. Check out the most fashionable ghost costume.

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Unchained MelodyGhostie characters have a sad reputation. But just because they’re technically dead doesn’t mean they’re all about spreading a downer vibe. Not all of them clank chains and moan. Some of them ring bells and sing classic nineties R&B. Some of them play pranks and gossip in the graveyard. Sure, the idea of ghosts is still a little scary but that doesn’t mean the spirits are always feeling sad!It’s up to you to set the record straight. Slip this poncho on before your next costumed affair and prove that ghosts can be the afterlife of the party. While you won’t be able to punctuate a punchline of a joke by popping through a wall and spooking people in the next room (a ghostly favorite) you’re sure to change how people feel about their local haunted house. Product Details This poncho levels up that classic sheet with holes in it costume while remaining utterly timeless. The lightweight look is printed with shimmery ink to create a ghost’s face as well as a spooky “Boo!” near the hem. The look has cold shoulder cutouts on the sleeves and a spooky hem along the hood and sleeves for an instant eerie silhouette. This poncho can easily be thrown on over a tank and leggings for an instant, versatile after-work costume. Look Lively, Now!No matter how busy your schedule might be, there’s always time for a little Halloween fun. Whether you’re handing out candy from home or heading to your favorite haunt, this poncho makes it easy to keep your costume casual yet playful. Because we should you give up dressing up just because you’re not going trick-or-treating. You still get to have fun! And in our, extremely biased opinions, there’s nothing like dressing up like the dead to make you feel like you’re really living!

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