Women’s Ghostbusters Gozer Costume


Get ready to take over the world with your spooky plans as one of the most beloved 80s movies villains in our exclusive Women’s Ghostbusters Gozer Costume that is made by us!

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Erase the CompetitionYou and your friends have been building up a big a challenge: the person with the best Halloween costume wins a year of free pizza, on the rest of the crew. If that’s not motivation, we don’t know what is. You have been racking your brain, trying to think of the best possible choice for your costumed evening. You’ve had some funny ideas, some classic ones, and some really scary options. But in the end, you always keep coming back to Ghostbusters. This movie is so full of amazing characters, it would come as no surprise that your perfect Halloween costume is hidden within your favorite film! Sure, you could dress as the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man and terrorize the city as you make your way to the party, but wouldn’t you rather dress as the god-like demon creature lurking inside it? We thought so! Let us introduce you, then, to this Ghostbusters Women Gozer Costume! It’s a powerful look that’s totally iconic and scary, but…you know…in a really cool way!Product DetailsThis exclusive look comes together with one unforgettable jumpsuit! It’s a body-hugging, iridescent costume piece that is a replica of Gozer’s look from the original Ghostbusters film, right down to the scary fingernails. It has texture and 3-D bubble accents, just like the real deal. All you need to replicate her—er, its—look is the right pair of heels and slicked-back hair!Go for the GozerDon’t settle for silver in this heated competition. You have to take first place! Go for gold and Gozer will see to it that whatever you envision comes to life before your eyes.

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