Womens Ghostbusters Daring Ghostbuster Costume


Who you gonna call? Rock this Women’s Ghostbusters Daring Ghostbuster Costume to fight against ghosts this Halloween. By the end of the night, you will be daring ghosts to show their faces.

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The Summer Busting Work SuitGhostbusters perform an important service! Without them, there’d be troublesome ghosts causing mayhem throughout the city. We’d love to join the team—we just have one small problem. That uniform! Don’t get us wrong. We love the way it looks, but can you imagine wearing that in the middle of summer while trying to track a mischievous ghost down the boardwalk? It looks hot and stuffy for that kind of job. That’s why we got to work, crafting the perfect Ghostbusters costume to wear while busting ghosts in warm and sunny weather. It combines elements from the classic uniform with a sexy and stylish cut that will help keep you cool and comfortable as you wrangle the ghosts in your town.Design & DetailsInspired by the iconic suit from the original Ghostbusters film, this costume comes with a tan romper that has a zipper down the front that allows you to choose just how much skin you show. All the way up gives you a slightly more classic look. Zip it down a bit and you’ll have a look that really heats things up. It comes with 4 different name tags and a Ghostbusters patch on the sleeve to let everyone know that you’re on official Ghostbusters business. The front also has decorative pockets to help recreate the coveralls kind of style from the original suits. Just suit up and you’ll be ready to capture those dastardly ghouls in your town!The Next MissionFinally, you can continue your Ghostbusting mission during warm weather! This romper-style outfit was just the update that the Ghostbusters uniform needed to gear you up for some hot supernatural investigation! Just what you need in order to be prepared for any paranormal activity!

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