Women’s Fuzzy White Rabbit Costume


Don’t wait until Easter to dress up in this adorable Women’s Fuzzy White Rabbit Costume! This is a perfect costume to hop into any party and have a great time.

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BUNNY GIRL IN A BUNNY WORLDThis bunny is so happy to be out and about in the world. She’s been living inside a magician’s black top hat for years and now she’s completely free, fully prepared to bounce to every possible corner of the world. As you can imagine, being a rabbit perpetually pulled out of a hat isn’t a very fulfilling life. All that soft, white fur smashed inside a cold, dark place waiting to be unveiled to a crowd of indifferent onlookers is no way to live. Everyone just gawks and reluctantly claps when you make your big reveal. It’s a complete tragedy, but luckily, that isn’t your life any longer. You’re free now! You’re going to be a cool bunny girl in a great big bunny world and we couldn’t be more hoppy for you. Oops, we mean happy for you. ( You know we couldn’t resist throwing a couple rabbit puns in there!)    DESIGN & DETAILSA high-quality costume, our team of talented designers made sure this costume contains all the bunny-basics. The Made By Us women’s fuzzy white rabbit costume, features a real, fully-functioning zipper down the front. The jumpsuit is crafted from plush fabric with a faux-fur interior hood with attached floppy ears. A bright pink pom-pom tail is fastened to the jumpsuit’s rear and matching glovelettes hang down from sleeve cuffs so they won’t go missing. FUN AS A BUN-BUN So, what’s the first thing on your to-do list as a free bunny? You’ve got plans to travel and see the world, but is there a variety of carrot you’ve been meaning to try? Any famous bunnies you want to meet? Any winter activities that call for a snow bunny costume? Now’s the time to do all the things you’ve always wanted to do so hop to it, but don’t forget to bounce back here frequently to fill us in on all your adventures.           

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