Women’s Fem For Real Shoes


Bring on the fembots! Don’t miss out on accessorizing your fembot costume with these Women’s Fem For Real Shoes. Featuring the classic pink fuzzy kitten heel look from the Austin Powers movie, these Women’s Fem For Real Shoes will have you ready to take o

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A Little LuxuryWe think everyone deserves a little luxury every once in a while. And depending on what’s important to you, “a little luxury” could mean something different to almost everyone. If watching sports is your favorite pastime, perhaps upgrading your TV will make your evenings a little more enjoyable. If you really enjoy camping, maybe a tent with all the bells and whistles or a fancy backpack will make you feel pampered. Or, if you’re an enthusiast in the world of culinary artistry, going to an upscale restaurant every now and then might bring you some joy. So if you’re a fashion fanatic, then you know that a great way to spoil yourself just a little is to get a new pair of shoes. And if you’ll enjoy something along the lines of “pink and fluffy,” then we have just the pair for you!Product DetailsPamper yourself just a little with this pair of Fem For Real Shoes. They’re made of baby pink faux patent leather with a cushioned soles for comfort. The bottoms are lightly textured to help you not slip when you’re on the catwalk. And of course, the main feature is the pink feathery accent on the strap. You’ll feel fantastic anytime you decide to strut your stuff in these fun shoes!

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