Womens Fairytale Tink Costume


Dress as everyone’s favorite fairy this Halloween! This exclusive Women’s Fairytale Tink Costume is cute and flirty and includes the wings!

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Forest FanciesCan you imagine what it would be like to flit through the Wonderland forest? The mysterious land of Peter Pan is intertwined with mystery and magic. From a fairies point of view, the tall trees are lush with hanging vines, secret hollows, and strange little creatures. Tink has access to everything. She can spy on the mermaids from the mossy sides of the steep, seaside cliffs. She can peep at the lost boys as they play on the forest floor as she hides underneath shelves of lichen. She even kept tabs on the pirates! Basically, when it comes to who’s in the know in Wonderland, Tink is at the top of her game. Good thing, too. Who else is going to run the show?Details & DesignYou’ll feel ready to sprinkle pixie dust wherever you go when you slip into this gorgeous Made by Us Tink costume. The dress zips up the back and has a unique leaf pattern that’s been specially created by our in-house graphic designers. The leaf-shaped fabric is layered to make a fun skirt that’ll make you want to spin. The strapless sweetheart neckline is supported by clear straps to keep you confident while flitting around. The fresh fairy costume is accented by iridescent wings that’ll make your magical look complete.A Fairy Good TimeTaking on the role of Tink is sure to be a lot of fun. Sure, you can be the joyful fairy we know and love but Tink has a temper too. When she doesn’t get her way, she’s been known to cause some trouble! You can choose for yourself if you want to spread pixie dust or pout and flaunt your tiny but terrible fairy wrath. Both should be pretty cute. And if you love your look, leave a review below! What better way to prove that you believe in fairies?

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