Women’s Deck of Cards Club Kit


Play your cards right this Halloween with the Women’s Deck of Cards Club Kit. This simple and easy costume is sure to be a hit around the town this year.

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Playing It CoolSometimes, it’s good to be subtle. Humor can be subtle. Scents and flavors are often best savored when they aren’t overpowering. And sometimes, it’s good to be subtle in the costuming world, too. Some looks do better when they are understated rather than overdone. Or maybe you just don’t want to make a big costume for your next themed party, and that’s okay! We’ve got you covered with this subtle and classy Women’s Deck of Cards Club Kit. It’s got all the pieces you need for a simple but cute costume. Product DetailsThis costume kit comes with a shirt, head piece, and necklace, all centered around the clubs playing card suit. The shirt features a flattering v-neck cut with peekaboo shoulder cutouts on the sleeves. The front ties can be untied and retied to suit your tastes. The large club on the front glitters, while the little ‘J’ and club in the upper corner signify that you are dressed as a jack of clubs. The headband features double layered bows, one checkered and the other solid black, with a red satin knot at the center. A spray of cards peeks from behind the bows, making this headband feel like a crown. The necklace features all four suits. Slip into your favorite jeans or leggings and the shoes of your choice to complete the look!Time to DealThis is the best hand that’s ever been dealt to you! This simple costume has it all. From the cute suit details to the attractive shoulder cutouts, there’s sweetness and sauciness here. And the best part? It’s subtle. So put on some lipstick, because it’s time to hit the town! Or the party. Or the neighborhood streets to take the kids trick or treating. No matter where you go, this look works!

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