Women’s Costume Giraffe


Roam the savanna or your favorite town in this Giraffe Women’s Costume. This outfit features a hoodie-style top with ears and pants with a tail.

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Giraffe DisputeThere’s always a topic up for debate in the office. Most recently the believability of giraffes was being discussed, rather heatedly. Half of the office are firm believers in the existence of giraffes. The other half argue that giraffes are less believable than unicorns. Both sides used zoos in defense of their position. Giraffe believers posit that seeing is believing and thus, giraffes exist (we’ve seen them!). Non-believers sited that they had never been allowed to touch the giraffes so there is no certain proof that they aren’t projections or animatronics. This contradictory evidence only heated things up. Before the discussion turned to a fight, however, the head of Flora and Fauna Research stepped in.They convinced the rest of the office to table the discussion until we could recruit an ambassador to visit with giraffe. That’s where you come in. As you’ve stumbled across this page, we assume you have an opinion on whether giraffes exist. If that is true, we humbly request that you take on the title of Giraffe Ambassador.Product DetailsIn order to approach a giraffe, you’ll need to blend in—if they do exist, their size could be a problem if they are startled. To blend in we suggest getting yourself a giraffe costume. We have several to offer. If you’re looking for something that offers comfort during your travels, this Women’s Giraffe Costume is an excellent option! In the style of a tracksuit, you’ll find this hoodie and pants set perfect for the demands Giraffe Ambassadors must meet. The 2 pieces feature a giraffe’s spots while the hood of the V-neck top has the horns and ears needed to blend in with the tall animals. Just pin the tail on the seat of the pants to complete your look!Fond WishesWe wish you all the luck on your travels to meet with and discuss the finer details of giraffe existence. We look forward to hearing how it goes and finally knowing if those tall, spotted, horse-type creatures are real. Maybe you can ask if they know anything about unicorns to settle that discussion as well!

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