Women’s Charlie Brown Tank Top


Create a casual costume with the Women’s Charlie Brown Tank Top. Now all you need is a football and say, “good grief!”

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You’re the Greatest, Charlie BrownCharlie Brown must be the one who suffers because he’s a caricature of the average person. Most of us are much more acquainted with losing than winning. Winning is great, but it isn’t funny. – Charles SchulzKeen insight from Charlie Brown’s creator, there. We are more acquainted with losing than with winning, aren’t we? Be it a random flat tire, the unfortunate splash of a puddle as a car zooms past, or a baseball game lost on an error in extra innings — we all could use a few more wins.Product DetailsThat’s why we can’t stop recommending this Women’s Charlie Brown Tank Top to everyone. Sure, Charlie took a more than a few losses himself, but this mostly polyester Racerback tank is a guaranteed win for your wardrobe. It’s made of micro material and soft brushed, and it features that iconic zig-zag stripe along your midsection so no one will have a doubt in their mind whose likeness you’re calling on. Best of all, it’s officially licensed, so you can worry less about the quality of the stitching and worry more about strategy for your next baseball game. You’re the team captain now, after all!

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