Women’s Celtic Renaissance Costume Dress


This Halloween, take us all to the Renaissance Era with this exclusive Women’s Celtic Renaissance Costume. This beautiful dress is comfortable, complete and ready to wear.

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Country MaidenEveryone always wants to dress up as a Renaissance princess. But here’s the thing. When it comes to beauty and elegance, dressing up as someone from the royal court in the 1600s isn’t where it’s at. Towns and courts in the Renaissance era were so very dirty. In fact, if noblewomen wanted to go anywhere they wore shoes called “chopines”. These were extremely tall platform shoes that helped keep hemlines free from all the animal muck and sewer mud in the streets. Unlike modern high heels, these shoes required women to be accompanied by friends on each side just to keep a lady upright. No, when it comes to dressing up in the Renaissance era, you want to be a fresh country lass. No lead-based makeup, platform heels, or suffocating layers of skirts to hold you back from all that 1600s style fun!Design & DetailsThis Celtic Renaissance dress was designed by our in-house creative team. The dress has a gorgeous off-the-shoulder chemise in clean white. The forest green overdress fastens up the front with adjustable laces for a corset look that’s quite comfortable. The uniquely cut dress is trimmed with silver and green Celtic trim at the waist for a look that hints at the romance of the highlands!Meeting At the FaireAre you headed to the Ren Faire this year? Dreaming of dancing around a maypole and biting into a whole turkey leg with abandon? If you want to live out your historical fantasies, make sure you’re not encumbered by pounds of velvet skirt and stiff corset boning. This Renaissance costume will make sure you feel comfortable while also looking stunning in front of castle backdrops. Whether you’re heading to the Renaissance Faire or Scottish festival, taking part in a play, or dressing up for Halloween, we’re sure that you’ll love slipping into this Made by Us historical costume!

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