Women’s Caribbean Pirate Costume


This women’s Caribbean Pirate Costume is an exclusive womens pirate costume. Get this deluxe pirate costume for your next theme party or for Halloween.

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Yarr, the sea may be harsh, but not half as harsh as a pirate in search of her fortune! Gather your crew of sea dogs and ready the sails in our exclusive Caribbean Pirate Costume! It seems weird, but for a long time it was considered bad luck for a woman to be on a pirate ship. But, if you ask us, we’d join up with any lass fierce enough to command of a ship full of rough and seasoned swashbucklers, especially if they are dressed up in a costume this daring! Once you slip on this long, buckled jacket and tricorn captain’s hat, you’ll easily be able to imagine the warm sea breeze blowing through your hair, and the smell of the salty water as you search for swag to plunder. The pirate life may not be easy, but there’s plenty of excitement to be had, and striking fashions to be worn. Okay, we admit there is more to being a good pirate than dressing like one. You have to be able to talk like a pirate, be good with a sword, and know a thing or two about sailing. That’s why we’ve designed this costume to come with everything you’ll need to look like a veteran buccaneer, so you can focus on learning all of those other pirate-y things. Be sure to find yourself a trusty sword, and any other costume weapons and sailing gear you’ll need, to give you an edge in your journeys. Now, prepare to weigh anchor, that treasure isn’t going to find itself!

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