Women’s Cardiac Arrest Nurse Costume


This Women’s Cardiac Arrest Nurse Costume is just what the doctor ordered! Add fun props such as a toy stethoscope or syringe, and get our Pill Purse to carry your essentials.

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When someone shouts, “Cardiac Arrest!” in a hospital, you really don’t have time to think about what you’re wearing. You’ve got to act with great haste and purpose! You’ve got to do everything you can to help save that person’s life. It’s hard work, and it can even be trying on your day to day well being. And nothing should be further from your mind than your uniform.Halloween is a little bit like that, too. Okay, so the stakes are far lower than the cardiac wing of a hospital, but when you head out to the party the last thing you want to be thinking about is your costume. Did you wear the right one? Will people know what you’re supposed to be? If someone actually has a medical problem will they all look to you like you should know what to do because you just happen to look like a nurse? Yes, these are the kind of questions that you want to avoid. Our advice? Avoid wearing a realistic nurse costume so people know that if there’s trouble, you’ll be dialing emergency services like anybody else…That’s right, nobody will think you’re an actual medical professional in this women’s cardiac arrest nurse costume. The cardiac arrest part in the title is,of course, because this costume is so stunning. With a low cut top and a short skirt (along with a spiffy little hat) this costume dress is going to give a real jolt to any party, and if a few hearts skip a beat we’re pretty sure that’s going to be quite alright with them.

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