Women’s Caped Wonder Woman Costume


Unsheathe your Godkiller or Sword of Athena and get ready to battle villains this Halloween with our exclusively licensed Women’s Caped Wonder Woman Costume!

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Who Run the World? Some women wield Lassos of Truth, drive invisible jets, and can battle an evil war god in the middle of a world war. They shield their friends with bulletproof gauntlets and fly through the sky on their way to seek justice and protect the oppressed. Other women can navigate crazy course deadlines, motivate their teams on the dreaded group projects, rise above office politics, help their loved ones manage their days, and more. Plus, they have all sorts of hidden talents, from a knack for fixing car engines, a passion for music, an ear for languages, a green thumb, the ability to walk in four-inch heels, or the stamina to eat a whole box of cheese balls while binge-watching a show (hey, that’s a talent too). You might wonder: With all of these separate talents, which one is Wonder Woman? The answer? They all are!Product Details Claim your go-getter Amazonian princess destiny with this Caped Wonder Woman Costume for Adults! The nostalgically-designed minidress ends at midthigh and has a beautifully shiny blue skirt freckled with white stars and a red, sleeveless top with the Wonder Woman logo printed on the chest. A golden belt circles your waist and matching golden gauntlets protect your wrists. A flowy red cape attaches to your shoulders via Velcro patches and a golden headband with a red center star is the literal crowning touch. Your Hero Is BackNo challenge is too big and no villain is safe this Halloween when you dress as Wonder Woman! Whether you can fly through any difficulties life throws your way or literally fly in midair, this is the perfect costume for you. 

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