Women’s Blonde Bob Da Boss Wig


Fashion icons need power statements to keep pushing the industry forward. This Women’s Blonde Bob Da Boss Wig does exactly that, add it to your costume today!

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A Killer StatementSome say that the eyes are the window to the soul. They’re the first impression that you get with some folks. And, who can argue that eye contact is the best way to know exactly who stands in front of you? Well, we can’t deny that the eyes are pretty powerful. But, there is one thing that we’ve found that can command even more attention: the power haircut. No matter what kind of character you’re talking about, a mighty ‘do can do wonders! Product DetailsBring all of your might to bear in the form of the ultimate blonde hairdo: the Bob Da Boss! This is an elastic-lined mesh cap that fits comfortably and creates a shoulder-length head of straight, shining hair with a fierce side part! Channel your inner Madonna or show that not all killers have dark hair. First in Line FashionistaNo matter what powerful persona you want to put on, this Bob Da Boss Wig will give you the edge you’re looking for. Assassin ready to take the plunge? Model ready to add “super” to her title? The Ultra-Karen that’s going to take customer service to a whole new level? There’s no limit to the power moves available in a look like this! 

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