Women’s Bad to the Bone Costume


Are you bad to the bone? Prove it with our Women’s Bad to the Bone Costume! It’s a fun and sexy skeleton costume.

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Hey Doc! You did not spend all those many, many hours studying Organic Chemistry, nor did you log those countless sleepless residency nights just for nothing. So, why not make Halloween yet another perfect time to show off your passion for fascia, tendons, and bones?It may seem humerus to some, but we think this Women’s Bad to the Bone Costume is an ideal fashion fellowship for any ortho doc, physical therapist, chiropractor, or those seeking a look that will scare the skin off the other partygoers. When it comes to a great costume, it’s every man-dible for himself, so why not add a cape and go as “Count Scapula?” Or add a high bun, some cat-eye glasses, and a ruler and go as a strict “Skull Teacher!” Or perhaps, maybe a long curly wig and some off-color humor may turn you into “Howard Sternum!” (Yes, we do crack ourselves up, thank you very much!)Of course, even if you don’t turn this costume into one bod-acious pun, it is still a great costume for a gal like you, all on its own! The sleek, long-sleeved bodysuit has a back zipper and a printed skeleton on the body and arms, while garters attach to the bone-printed thigh-high stockings. Add a pair of heels or cute sneakers and you’ll ready to shake, rattle, and roll to the party like the bone lovin’ goddess that you are.

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