Women’s Abigail Adams Costume


Whether you are headed to a history festival or participating in a Fourth of July parade, we think our Women’s Abigail Adams Costume will a perfect way to show off your American history pride!

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First lady fineryIt’s almost time for the annual First Lady Themed Costume Party. You’ve been preparing for it for months. After all, it’s the most important party of the year! This year, you have the great honor of hosting it, so the pressure is on. You know everything has to be perfect, or you’ll never get your own feature in First Lady Magazine.It’s almost the big night, and everything is ready. You’ve got your White House shaped cake and your red-white-and-blue sugar cookies. There’s a beautiful guest book to sign that looks just like the Declaration of Independence, and you even set up a pin-the-wig-on-Martha-Washington game on one living room wall. You haven’t gotten one detail… except…Oh, no!What are you going to wear?You totally forgot your own costume! Disaster! How can you host a First Lady Themed Costume Party if you’re not dressed like a First Lady? If your guests show up and you’re in bland old slacks and a blouse, they’ll probably turn right around and go away. You can forget any special spread in First Lady Magazine. You’ll never live this down!You don’t have to panic yet! First, pick which First Lady to dress up like. We’d suggest Abigail Adams! After all, if you’re going to dress up like a First Lady, you should dress like the best! Abigail Adams was not only the wife and mother of a president (it wasn’t the same guy!), she also spoke out against slavery and championed women’s education. Now that’s a classy First Lady, indeed!Product detailsWe can save the day with this exclusive Women’s Abigail Adams Costume. The red, long-sleeved pullover dress is 100 percent polyester, with a zipper down the back center for easy wear. The collar and sleeve cuffs are trimmed with lace, while there is elastic in the waist for a cinched look.Ready to entertainThis costume is sure to be a hit, whether you’re hosting a costume party or attending an inauguration. And we guarantee it will look extra good on the pages of First Lady Magazine!

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