Women’s 80’s Workout Girl Costume


Work it out girl! You can be an 80s superstar when you get physical, as long as you have this sweet Workout Girl costume!

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Physical fitness has always been an intensive industry. There are countless products aimed at ensuring that we’re in the right stance, lifting the right weight, eating the right balanced foods, sleeping the proper number of hours and in the right positions. Ugh. Who can keep track of all of that? Sure, we now have countless apps for our Smartphones, some of them even wearable on our wrists or clothes, all designed to tell us how well we’re doing and, in most of our cases, how much more we need to keep doing to catch up to that extra slice of pie we’re planning on for next month… but there is something critical that has been missing in our fitness routine for far too long.What about the fashion!? Everything looks the same, these days. Black, sleek, and boring. It is all about getting in and out as quickly as possible and, apparently, never being seen! What have we become: ninjas of the elliptical? What about the workout routines that inspired us to get up and moving in the first place? What about the color? What about… the ‘80s!? What is the point of getting in shape if the only thing that awaits us is a long life of dull black and running in place?Thankfully, you are here to give us that splash of color and energy and we have just what you need to make it happen: the Women’s ‘80s Workout Girl getup! The base of the outfit is a polyester/spandex blend stretch knit bodysuit with printed stripe design and matching leggings with a comfortable elastic waistband. The colors are to die for so you may not even need to worry about that old no pain, no gain adage! And, no ‘80s look would be complete without a cotton pullover crop top sweatshirt! Once you’re ready in this outfit, you can consider flaring out your hair in feathered ‘80s style and picking up matching (or not-matching) legwarmers and you will be ready to get physical!.

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