Witch Guard Kids Costume


When you wear this Child Witch Guard Costume, you’ll probably chant all night long. It might get tiring, but that’s just what guards do!

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So, you’ve managed to practically take over the entire land of Oz. You’ve got a legion of winged monkey men and enough magic at the snap of a finger to do just about anything you’d like. Nobody dares come near you out of fear of being transformed into something terrible. Rumors flock of you ripping brains and hearts out of people, even flaying the very courage out of the king of all beasts. Reportedly, there are other witches in the world, a few of them even good, but even they stay well out of your way. Things are set. Just wait out your global domination and all is great!Except, then you hear about someone calling on a whole new kind of magic. It isn’t spectacular or flashy. Certainly not creative, conjuring houses out of the sky to fall on innocent sister witches, but it is still a bit of a bother. Plus, she got a set of magical shoes that were rightfully yours and that nasty Glinda started whispering in her ear all sorts of nonsense instead of just sending the girl home like she’d asked in the first place. Short version is this: you need some guards to watch over your estate just in case the gal comes rushing in with, oh, who knows, a big bucket of water or something. The recruitment sign is ready and several worthy candidates are already showing up.Available positions for any child, teen, or adult! Gear yourself up in this Witch Guard costume which consists of a luscious gray velvet frock jacket complete with a warrior’s red braid edging. The armor skirt share the same color patterns and are just short enough to reveal the flashy fury lined cuffs of your boot tops. Your vest is sturdy tanks to its foam backing and keenly decorated with faux studs. Gloves and shoulder flaps all have matching accents for a profoundly official look. If any dare question your might, the cylindrical faux fur bubsy-style hat should have them running for the hills! Weaponry is not supplied, so applicants may want to acquire their own spears.

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