Wily Werewolf Costume for Kids


Have your child looking extra scary and hairy when you get them this exclusive Kids Wily Werewolf Costume. This Kids Wily Werewolf Costume will be a perfect costume choice for your child especially if they want to dress up as a big, bad, and frightening w

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Awwooooooooo!Have you noticed some strange happenings in your home? Particularly during… full moons? Maybe you notice some fur on the floors of the kitchen. Perhaps you start seeing some paw marks making their way throughout the house. And then, there are the sounds. The snarls, the growls, and, of course, the howls. We don’t want to alarm you, but it might be the case that your little one is transforming into a werewolf! It might just be the time to embrace your child’s monster-like tendencies during the full moon!This Kid’s Wily Werewolf Costume helps any child indulge in their inner werewolf! It’s a Made By Us design that comes with everything your young wolf needs to make the final transformation.Design & DetailsThis costume was designed by our expert costume crafters! They combined the fierce looks of a werewolf with a comfortable and affordable outfit that’s easy for any child to slip into. The costume starts with a shirt that has a front panel with printed fur. The sleeves are designed to look like a ragged plaid shirt. To bring the ferocious outfit to life, this costume comes with a werewolf mask that fits over your child’s head. It’s made out of molded vinyl and has faux fur around the edges for a realistic look. The front has molded fangs and a bright red tongue. The top has holes in the eyes for vision (vision may be slightly impaired, so use caution while wearing it). Put it all together and you have one fierce costume!Full Moon’s RiseIf your child is turning into a ferocious creature of the night, or just wants a reason to howl around the house, then this exclusive costume is perfect for the job. Just make sure you keep a close eye on him when the full moon rises!

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