Wild Zebra Adult Costume


Is a zebra white with black stripe or black with white stripes? These are the kinds of things you will be pondering when you put on this exclusive Adult Wild Zebra Costume.

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Every man, woman and child has dreams. Some people dream about being a celebrity with fame, fortune and a legion of adoring fans. Some people want to become an intrepid traveler, traversing each mysterious end of the Earth. Other people dream about obtaining super powers so they can fight evil, in all its forms. And a select few people, they have a dream so crazy, they might not even be comfortable mentioning it to people. They want to gallop alongside a herd of wild zebras as they run free across the open plains.It’s preposterous dream! Or is it? We happen to think that it’s not actually that crazy. Just imagine it. Trotting along through the savannah, the sun’s rays tickling your neck. The cool breeze runs through your mane as you begin to gallop at top speed. Your striped brethren run on either side of you and you let out a hearty yipping noise to signify your pleasure (zebras don’t neigh like their distant cousin, the pony)! Yes, doesn’t that sound invigorating? It’s no wonder that’s what some people dream about…But perhaps you could get a little bit closer to making that dream become a reality with the right kind of attire. Maybe, just maybe, you could reenact that dream with this wild zebra costume for adults. The outfit fully recreates the black and white stripes and the healthy mane of hair of a real zebra. It comes with a zip-up jumpsuit that should have you ready to gallop through the plains with your closest friends, turning that crazy dream into reality! Just make sure that there are no lions lurking around your neighborhood, since they may mistake you for an easy lunch while wearing this. (Lions are jerks sometimes.)

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