Wicked Silence Latex Adult Mask


We’re not sure what’s worse, being in or looking at the Deadly Silence Mask. Either way, one peek and it’s sure to take your breath and your words away.

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Remember when silence used to be gold? Well now it’s red.Yes it is true, Halloween is the one time of year where it is acceptable to put on a scary mask, and freak the bageezus out of everyone you know. And we will take it. Because we all like to be frightened, and to frighten alike. We love it when our heart rate goes haywire. We love being terrified. We love Halloween. Simple as that. (Although you probably already knew that because you are on a website called HalloweenCostumes.com.)So, this Halloween put on this Deadly Silence Mask. And we can all participate in scaring the bageezus out of one another. You might even win most frightening with this mask. And you rightly should win most frightening, just look at those boils, and the ears look like a more terrifying version of Spock ears. And that’s not even mentioning the mouth. Seriously, what is going on there? It is a terrifying version of a bloody red silence.

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