White Nurse Purse


You’ll be able to carry out all of your nursery duties in style with this White Nurse Costume Purse! It’s the perfect accessory to complete your costume this Halloween season.

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Patients to PartiesNurses have to be ready for anything. They’ve got to keep their ears open for alarms going off in patients room. They keep their eyes open for patients sneaking to the elevators and escaping to the outdoors for banned contriband. And we all know they stay on their toes to react to the unexpected even when they’re not on duty. If you’re dressing up as a nurse, you’ll need a bag to carry emergency supplies. Now, emergency supplies will vary from situation to situation. For nurses, that might mean a first aid kit. For a Halloween party, that might mean bringing along a charging cord. You’ll look fabulous and ready for anything when you complete your costume with this timeless nurse purse!Product DetailsCreated by our in-house design team, this unique nurse bag will perfectly match various styles of the classic white and red nurse uniform. The top clasps together, securing your belongings without the need for a zipper. A lightweight chain can slip over your shoulder, leaving your hands free. While it’s big enough for your phone, keys, and money, you shouldn’t expect to be able to fit a full first aid kit in this bag. Complete with a red cross, you’ll be glad you don’t have to comprimise your costume in order to keep your belongings close!

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