White Bunny Ears Headband


Top off your Bunny costume with this exclusive Bunny Ears Headband or create an Elle Woods Bunny Costume!

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WE’RE ALL EARS Bunnies know a thing or two about getting their ears noticed. Women, on the other hand, need a little bit of help. Ladies wear earrings in order to make their ears stand out from all the other ears in the world, but bunnies? Bunnies go above and beyond for their ears. Bunnies take their ears very seriously and as a result, bunnies have the most prominent ears in the world. They’re long, sturdy, and will easily grab your attention. In addition to being sought-after, they’re also functional. Bunnies can hear enemies coming from a mile away, actually many miles away. Wouldn’t that be nice? Anyway, we don’t have pointers on how to grow slender, sensational ears but we can hook you up with an accessory that fools everyone. The fuzzy white bunny ears headband is a hair accessory that fools all. It also serves as the finishing touch to any rabbit costume.         PRODUCT DETAILSThe fuzzy white bunny ears headband is a Made by Us accessory so it’s high-quality, durable and comfortable. It’s a faux fur stretchy headband with attached pointy ears and a pink-satin interior.   FUR REAL?This accessory accompanies any and all bunny costumes, our suggestion? Perhaps Petter Cotton tail or if you’re feeling more risque perhaps Elle Woods Bunny Costume. Okay, hop along guys! 

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