White Aviator Scarf


It’s a bird, no it’s a plane, NO it’s Captain (insert your name here)! Take to the skies in a glamorous White Aviator Scarf ! You’ll look like the pilot with the most in this great accessory.

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Quick, what is the most exciting, dashing, death-defying line of work you can think of? Time’s up! If you answered “volcano inspector”, you are close, but not quite there. The answer we were looking for is “aviator”. Airplanes have only been around for a little over a century, but humans have already done every conceivable risky thing with them. They race them, spin them around, walk between them on a tightrope, and even taught them how to fly themselves. When you see how awesome they look as their iconic scarves flutter in the wind, it’s easy to understand why aviators are always going so fast and laughing in Death’s big, dumb face. If you want to feel the same rush that you can usually only get from a high-G nose dive, this White Aviator Scarf will get you on the right track. The satin material will make you look like the king of the skies as it blows in the wind while you’re striking a heroic pose. It’s the perfect accessory for the aspiring air-pioneer with no time for a cold neck!

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