Werewolf Costume Hat


You won’t need a full moon to become a werewolf when you get this Werewolf Costume Hat! Or just wear it for the winter… because it’s coming, you know!

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As we all know werewolfism or lycanthropy is going through somewhat of a renaissance. It’s understandable. Who wouldn’t want to tear through the woods on a moonlit night, howl at the moon with no shame, and hunt down that guy that tailgated you all the way home yesterday afternoon? Well, maybe the last part is a little extreme. But look at us normal humans, chained to our phones and TVs. We all deserve to get a little more in touch with our wild side. There are downsides to becoming a werewolf: you can never make plans on the full moon, and waking up naked in the woods can lead to some pretty awkward walks of shame. With this hat, you can take control of when and where you turn into a hairy beast. Now, it won’t give you an excuse to go on a rampage, but you just might feel an urge to go for a romp in the woods. Or at least sniff a fire hydrant or two.

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